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CLEO Best Supplement Award

You could have the best beauty products on earth to help you with your skin, but a healthy diet is one of the best and most natural ways to achieve clear skin. Toxin build-up and inadequate nutrients can cause your skin to appear dull, grey and unhealthy – not a good look. A detox drink like TruLife Herbal System Detox helps to stimulate regular bowel movement, prevent toxin accumulation and increase metabolism, so you look and feel healthier and less bloated, too. Easy to drink and with a light, fruity flavour, the health shot contains six natural active ingredients to enhance digestive health and slow down the absorption of fat after meals. Beauty bonus: keeping your digestive system in tip-top shape will help your skin radiate good health too!

Link: http://www.cleo.com.sg/beauty/beauty-new-and-best/best-supplement-detox-trulife/