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Tasty Singapore

TruLife is happy to annouce that we have been awarded with the Tasty Singapore Logo!

An initiative of International Enterprise Singapore, in collaboration with the Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Food Manufacturers Association and the Singapore Manufacturers Federation, and supported by SPRING Singapore. Tasty Singapore represents the range, flavours, quality and excellence that Singapore food, whether served or manufactured, has come to be renowned worldwide for.

Tasty Singapore promises, and delivers, a high level of confidence and trust in food produced by Singapore based food companies. This is evident through our adherence to tried and tested manufacturing processes and food preparation and packaging techniques that not only emphasise the culinary superiority of Singapore food, but also displays the distinction, merit and creativity that has defined Singapore well internationally.

Characterised by a diverse mix of cultural traditions, innovativeness in product development and dynamism of food influences and tastes, Tasty Singapore embodies quality and safety, whether in food processing or preparation.