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Tru Story

Tru Story

TruLife – Helping people maximize what life has to offer.

Our constant pursuit in keeping healthy and staying alert started a journey. This journey allowed us to explore the benefits of powerful ingredients to provide targeted results for a healthy body.

From the young adult who has just stepped out into the workforce, to the busy all-rounder mother who juggles multi commitments, to the active mature consumer into travel and leisure, everyone needs to keep their bodies in peak condition to enjoy life’s offerings.

We understand that the today’s society thrives on convenience. With this in mind, our products have been developed and manufactured on this premise.

Through diligent observation and efforts into research and innovative product development, we develop products that contain the best of natural/herbal and western ingredients, producing optimal results for targeted body function.

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万代是一个现代的保健品牌, 以如今社会的健康和生活需求作为优先。从刚刚步入工作人口的年轻成人,到需要保持平衡的繁忙全才母亲,到活跃成熟的休闲消费者,为了好好地享受生活,每个人都需要把自己的身体保持在巅峰状态。

我们了解今日的社会非常重视生活上的便利。以这为主,所有万代的产品都以消费者生活的便利概念而制造而成。 经过认真的观察和创新研究,我们研产的产品都含有中药和西药成份的结合,以针对身体的机能来产生最佳的效果。