TruLife Balance Plus™

TruLife’s Balance Plus™ with Marine Collagen & L-lysine

TruLife’s BalancePlus™ delivers the finest selection of precious herbal ingredients for women in one convenient bottle. Derived from the centuries-old women’s remedy Ba Zhen Tang known for its nutritious benefits and refined through research, our time-tested secret recipe contains American Ginseng, Cordyceps, Angelica Root and 9 other essential herbs. This tonic drink contains hydrolyzed Marine Collagen and L-lysine – a breakthrough for those who want to look and feel good every day. 

万代八珍汤以一个便利的瓶装,提供女性们一套最佳优选的中药材配方。源自于世代相传的补助配方, 八珍汤有营养滋补的益处。通过我们的调研提炼和时间考量, 万代独家秘方含有花旗参,冬虫夏草,当归和其他九种必不可少的药材。这个突破的保健饮品含有水解海洋胶原蛋白和L -赖氨酸-让你每一天过得活力四射。

TruLife Balance Plus™

Q-1. Why TruLife BalancePlus™?

Simply put, effectiveness of an herb is largely dependent on its geographical origin and harvesting/processing method. We use only the best herbs grown in favourable climates, from reliable and notable suppliers, that have undergone a strict selection process. Our products have received positive feedback from local and international consumers for decades. TruLife BalancePlus™ is an improved formula of Ba Zhen Tang, is rich with premium ingredients such as American Ginseng, Cordyceps and Angelica Root, and contains 1000mg of Marine Collagen Peptide and L-Lysine for greater benefits.

Q-2. Can TruLife BalancePlus™ be consumed by people with hypertension?

TruLife BalancePlus™ is an herbal preparation to be taken as a food supplement in small amounts. It is recommended that people with hypertension do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Taken consistently in small amounts, the product is safe and will have positive results.

Q-3. Can TruLife BalancePlus™ be consumed by diabetics?

TruLife BalancePlus™ is an herbal preparation to be taken as a food supplement in small amounts. With all diabetic cases, it is recommended that attention must be paid to the overall daily consumption of calories and sugar. Cordyceps is traditionally believed to lower blood sugar if taken consistently.

Q-4. Can TruLife BalancePlus™ be consumed during menstruation?

Yes. TruLife BalancePlus™ is particularly suitable for women experiencing pain, discomfort during their monthly cycles or irregular menstrual cycles. It can be taken before, and particularly, after the menstrual cycle.

Q-5. Can TruLife BalancePlus™ be taken after a stomach operation?

Yes. TruLife BalancePlus™ is particularly recommended for patients after any form of operation to speed up the recovery period, reduce inflammation and promote general strength and nutrition.

Q-6. How long before I see the effects of TruLife BalancePlus™?

TruLife BalancePlus™ is a nourishing tonic made from all natural ingredients, meant for daily consumption. Individual results vary. Commonly, if taken regularly everyday for 2 to 4 weeks, a general improvement in physical conditions can be felt. Many of our consumers experience renewed strength, vitality, better appetite, less menstrual discomfort, headaches and joint aches, to name a few over a prolonged period of taking our product.

Q&A on this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If irregular condition/symptoms occurs, stop consumption of TruLife BalancePlus™ and consult your physician immediately. It is recommended to consult the physician if the consumer is on antibiotics or any form of medication.

• BalancePlus is a herbal tonic that helps women restore female health to peak condition.
• It is derived from the centuries-old formulation Ba Zhen Tang – a time-tested Chinese prescription trusted by women for prime female health.
• Brewed with premium herbs including American Ginseng, Cordycepsand Angelica Root, this winning formula nourishes the female body, enhances vitality and improves blood circulation.
• It strengthens overall well-being especially when women are susceptible to physical weakness, including the menstrual cycle, post-pregnancy and after illness or surgery.
• It also contains hydrolyzedMarine Collagen and L-lysine (an essential amino acid) – a breakthrough for those who want to look and feel good every day.
• Directions for use: Take 1 bottle daily for an 8-day course, once a month.



Q-1. 为何享用万代八珍汤?

简单地说,一个草药的效力在很大程度上取决于其地理原产地和采伐/处理方法。我们只用最好的, 在有利的气候条件下生长的药材。它们会经过严格的选拔过程,从可靠和显着的的供应商索取。在这几十年以来,我们的产品已收到来自本地及国际消费者的积极反馈。万代八珍汤是一种八珍汤改良配方,含有丰富的优质原料,如西洋参,冬虫夏草,当归,并包含的1000毫克海洋胶原蛋白肽和L -赖氨酸让你摄取更大利益。

Q-2. 万代八珍汤是否适合患有高血压的的人食用?

万代八珍汤是一种草药制剂, 如少量地食用,能把它作为一种补充食品。建议患有高血压的的人不超过建议的每日的剂量。只要一贯地采取少量,产品是安全的,将产生积极的结果。

Q-3. 万代八珍汤是否适合患有糖尿病患者患者食用?

万代八珍汤是一种草药制剂, 如少量地食用,能把它作为一种补充食品。建议患有糖尿病患者, 必须注意总体的热量和糖的日常消费。传统上认为, 如果一贯地服食冬虫夏草, 能有效地降低体内的血糖。

Q-4. 万代八珍汤是否适合在女性生理期间食用?


Q-5. 万代八珍汤是否适合动过胃部手术的人食用?


Q-6. 我能几时体验万代八珍汤的效应?

万代八珍汤是一个日常食用,全天然的原料制成的滋补补品。个人效果各不相同。在一般情况下, 如果每天2至4周都定期食用,使用者能感受到身体状态有所改变。许多消费者经过长期服用我们的产品, 都感受到新的力量,活力,更好的食欲,减少经期不适,头痛和关节疼痛。

本产品的Q&A不用于诊断,治疗,治愈或预防任何疾病。如果出现不规则的条件/症状, 立刻停止食用万代八珍汤并立即向医生咨询。如果消费者正在使用抗生素或任何形式的药物, 建议先咨询医生意见。