TruLife Berry EyeHealth


TruLife Berry EyeHealth is a concentrated dietary supplement drink developed specially for all your eye health needs. Based on a time-tested researched weighted formula, Berry EyeHealth consists of vitamins and ingredients are beneficial to our eyes and contains ingredients such as Goji Berry Extract, Bilberry Extract and Chrysanthemum Extract. With extensive scientific studies done, TruLife Berry EyeHealth is recommended for adults and children aged 2 and up.

万代构杞美健眼是一个有明目的天然功效,特别针对眼睛健康的营养饮品。以一套独家秘方泡制, 万代构杞美健眼结合了维生素和枸杞子精华,蓝莓素和菊花精华-都有助于增强视力,提高护眼功效。拥有了许多科学研究证实, 万代构杞美健眼主要适合成人及两岁以上的孩子服用。

Q-1. What is TruLife Berry EyeHealth?

TruLife Berry EyeHealth is made from high concentrations of Bilberry and Wolfberry. These two powerful ingredients are renowned for their restorative properties which protect our eyes against free radicanl damage and nourish your eyes by giving them maximum nutrients.

TruLife Berry EyeHealth also maintains the health of your eye cellular structure and protects your eyes against oxidative damage from harmful UV rays. It relives eye fatigue to refresh dry and tired eyes and sharpens your focus.

Q-2. What does TruLife Berry EyeHealth contain?

TruLife Berry EyeHealth contains the following ingredients:

Goji Berry Extract
Bilberry Extract
Chrysanthemum Extract
Dendrobium Stem Extract
Prinsepia Seed Extract
Vitamins A – E

Q-3. How does TruLife Berry EyeHealth provide comprehensive protection to my eyes’ needs?

Each ingredient that has been specially selected contains properties which are beneficial to our eyes.

Goji Berry Extract – A powerful antioxidant that protects the eyes from various age-related problems such as macular degeneration. Also rich in Geranium which serves to support a healthy immune system and improve one’s blood circulatory system.

Chrysanthemum Extract – An age-old flower traditionally known to be beneficial for correcting imbalances in kidney and liver functions which are possible causes of eye problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, spots in the eyes and excessive tearing. Also traditionally known to help reduce pressure buildup in the eyes.

Dendrobium Stem Extract – A herb traditionally used with other herbs such as Chrysanthemum and Wolfberry to target common eye problems such as cataracts, loss of eyesight, blurred vision and symptoms of glaucoma.

Prinsepia Seed – Traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to treat eye disorders such as conjunctivitis and acute keratitis.

Bilberry Extract – A herb that has been known to improve daytime and nighttime vision, as well as prevent or help particular eye conditions. Also has the ability to improve visual acuity in healthy individuals, as well as improve vision in patients who have glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Vitamin A – Essential for the eyes to effectively distinguish between light and dark, thus improving night vision and helps the eyes to combat against cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other age-related ocular diseases.

Vitamin B – Essential for eye health because it prevents formation of cataracts.

Vitamin C – It helps the body to form and maintain connective tissues which includes collagen found in the eyes’ cornea and aids in strengthening bones, skin and blood vessels, including the delicate capillaries in the retina. Studies suggest long-term consumption of vitamin C may also reduce the risk of forming a cataract and vision loss from macular degeneration.

Vitamin E – It helps prevent macular degeneration of the eyes and diabetic degenerative damage.
• Berry Eyehealthnourishes the health of your eyes from within and keeps them bright and sparkling while improving your vision.

• Made up from high concentrations of Wolfberry and Bilberry extracts known for their restorative properties, these powerful antioxidants nourish the blood vessels feeding the eye, giving them maximum nutrients and oxygen while protecting against free radical damage.

• Chrysanthemum, DendrobiumStem and PrinsepiaSeed target common eye ailments, relieve eye fatigue to refresh dry and tired eyes and sharpen your focus.

• Vitamins A, B, C, D3, and E provide essential vitamins for optimum eye health.

• Directions for use: Take 1 bottle daily


Q-1. 万代构杞美健眼是什么产品?



Q-2. 万代构杞美健眼内包含了哪些食材?

TruLife Berry EyeHealth contains the following ingredients:

维他命A – E

Q-3. 万代构杞美健眼能如何提供我眼睛所需的呵护?


枸杞子精华 -强而有效的抗氧化剂,有助于保护眼睛,减缓肌肉退化等老化问题。 内含也带有丰富的锗,有效增强免疫系统,促进血液循环。

菊花精华 -传统草药中用于护眼保健的良药含有滋阴补肾的作用,也有助于预防干眼症、视线模糊、晕眩、飞蚊症及多泪症等眼疾的益处。一向也被用来降低眼压有显著的效果。

石斛茎 – 常常搭配菊花及枸杞子,主要针对白内障、失明、视线模糊以及青光眼病等眼疾的传统良药也有助于加速眼部手术后的恢复。

蕤仁 – 用于治疗结膜炎、急性角膜炎等眼疾的传统中药。

蓝莓素 – 改善白天与夜视能力,对一般人有增强视力的效果,同时也能帮助患有青光眼、白内障以及因老化导致的肌肉退化问题的病人改善视力。

维生素 A – 帮助眼睛清楚分辨明暗,进而增强夜视能力,对抗白内障、肌肉退化、青光眼以及其他因老化导致的眼疾。

维生素 B -对护眼保健有显著效果,也有防止白内障形成的作用。

维生素 C -它可以帮助身体形成并维持结缔组织血管,其中包括在眼睛的角膜中的胶原蛋白和有助于强化骨骼,皮肤和血管,包括视网膜内的毛细管。研究显示,长期服用维生素C有助于降低罹患肌肉退化所导致的白内障及失明的风险。

维生素 E -有助于预防眼部的肌肉退化。