TruLife Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar (160g)

TruLife Sugar-Free Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest is a premium, completely natural food prepared with only the best grade of 100% authentic pure bird’s nest. Now with a richer texture and more generious ingredients, flavouring or colouring, retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.

万代无糖浓缩燕窝 (160ml) 万代无糖浓缩燕窝是一种优质,完全天然食品,只采用100%高等燕窝准备而成。含有更丰富的的质感和更多食材,它不包含任何人工防腐剂,香料或着色剂,保留着滋养自然的效益和传统的燕窝的味道。

It is important that all our consumers are able to differentiate between genuine Bird’s Nest apart from fake Bird’s Nest. The following information aims to increase our consumers’ awareness of different kinds of fake Bird’s Nest:

  • The first type of fake Bird’s Nest is made out of pig’s skin. By immersing the Bird’s Nest in water, the fake Bird’s Nest in the form of deep-fried pork skin with added protein would not only emit a strong oil smell but it would also leave a layer of oil and turn spongy when immersed into water. Genuine Bird’s Nest would expand when immersed in water and would turn springy.
  • The second type of fake Bird’s Nest is made out of rubber. Such Bird’s Nest would have a hard texture and would have a “sour-ish” vinegar taste to it. When this type of Bird’s Nest is being cooked, it would start to foam whereas genuine Bird’s Nest would not have such an occurrence when it undergoes the cooking process.

TruLife’s Bird’s Nest brings you nature’s key ingredient for optimal health.

The strengthening and nourishing effects of bird’s nest, coupled with stringent manufactuering conditions bring you the perfect supplement for your complete well-being.

Bottle by bottle, it works from within to bring you benefits you can feel.

Best taken daily to support a strong immune system and beautiful skin.

A mouthful of golden goodness

Pamper yourself daily with the sweet and calm character of bird’s nest, a delicacy enjoyed by many for thousands of years. Perked up with the taste of vitality, each sip of golden goodness rejuvenates the senses and restores the body. It’s the simple pleasures of life like this that matter.

Life can be truly good.

Made from 100% genuine Bird’s Nest

Contains high concentration of Bird’s Nest

No added preservatives and artificial flavouring


  • 第一种假冒燕窝的类型是从猪的皮做成的。当油炸及添加蛋白质的假冒的燕窝浸泡在水中时,它不但会发出一股强烈的油气味,还会留下一层的油和变成海绵状。相反的,当纯真的燕窝浸泡在水中,它会膨胀起来和变的有弹性。
  • 第二种假冒的燕窝是由树胶制造的。这样的燕窝有一个硬的质感,尝起来也有一丝醋酸的味道。当假冒的燕窝经过烹煮过程,它会开始起泡。相反的,纯真的燕窝烹煮时不会有这样的反应。